Greyhounds/ levriero Domestic breeds
The dog is the only living thing on this planet which shows its love a step high than anyone’s love. It can be bought by spending your money lavishly but it wags his tail only when you show your love lavishly. Many pet dogs are trained for games like coursing and racing. Among them Greyhound breed, a slight hound are specially meant for racing and coursing game. These breeds are widely adopted by people across the world. Greyhound breeds are intelligent, gentle, and with its adorable body structure, it reaches an average race speed of about 64kilometres per hour. They assigned a name for themselves as racing dogs and never replaced their names in any races till date. Apart from racing, people love these breeds to treat as pets due to its sweet and calmative nature. And also participate in sports like agility, obedience and lot more with other breeds. These can be booked using zuket link. These breeds can be trained effortlessly as they are intelligent by birth and also its adorable nature makes everyone to show their love tremendously.
Disciplined and well-trained breeds
Greyhounds are pliant and docile animals, needs to be treated gently because treating them harshly can cause them psychologically harm as they are more sensitive.  A kind consistency and lots of praise and treats are the basic requirements for a trainer to train a Greyhound. Since they are trained independently, they grasp the task easily which makes them perform well. These dogs are naturally well-behaved with humans and hence training them is quite easy even for first-time dog owners. After it reaches the growth of 18 months, it was brought to a race track and the training begins. They first enter into a preliminary race section and later on with their performance they will be chosen for maiden races. After winning the maiden races, their career begins for international racing games. Most greyhound breeds are well-trained and hence they are named as “racing dogs”.
Adopting the Greyhound is an easy process likewise they can easily adapt to your home by falling into the routine daily home life. They are habituated to follow strict discipline and schedules activities which give them a sense of comfort. They are often correlated with cats as they are quiet, well mannered, regal and independent. Greyhounds should be allowed to do few sprints a day which keeps their mind and body relaxed and also provides excellent outlets for exercises. Greyhounds have a strong chasing instinct and hence fences must be at 6 feet high and should be supervised in the yard regularly as they are more active. They love to play with their owners or trainers all time and wag their tails within a week of their arrivals to their homes. It loves to chase moving objects and hence make sure while moving out to gardens whether there is the unique place for small and large dogs.
Greyhound Coat HB 3
Care and Feeding
Everyone likes to get treated with special care and love among others. Likewise, Greyhounds loves to be treated with kind nature rather than a harsh training. Greyhounds are fairly low energy dogs but since they love to opt for morning walks and routine exercises every day. They are fond of chasing especially on small animals and hence care must be taken always while taking them out.  A process called socialization where the trainers must expose these breeds to different people, places, and homes in order to prevent Duseek from them from being timid and fearful. In order to keep them fit and healthy, the owners must feed them with 2.5 to 4 cups of high-quality food twice in a day and regular exercise. In case if they became overweight then immediately have an eye and hand test.