B9316054015Z.1_20150131195631_000_G589QSR8C.1-0_1410671_ver1.0Greyhounds have its own royal fans through its racing skills. Apart from fans, there is a lot of information to be shared which increases our love to adopt it. Greyhounds naturally get attracted to the humans and behave in a friendly manner with other dogs. He will let you know when there is a stranger who is about to enter the house with a single bark or through folded ears. They can live comfortably as apartment dogs as they need only a little space where they can sleep peacefully for about 18 hours as their favorite pass time is sleeping. They love to lead their happily in quiet environments with their owners and children.

They are not distance runners but they will be satisfied for the morning walk with some funny plays with their trainers. They must be kept safe from chasing events by the solid fence and keeping an eye on them which prevents from jumping over on small animals. They can be recognized easily with their height and colors which includes white, brindle, fawn, black, red and grey with the unique combination which makes them solitary appearance from other breeds. Today many shelters are organizations are working on to protect Greyhounds from hunting rather than racing.