3261728085Greyhounds are Italian dogs originated in the Middle East and North Africa and have won the fondness of various cultures. The name as Greyhounds was titled by Greeks and designed in arts by Egyptians, exalted by Roman poets and moreover, it is the only dog specified in the bible. These breeds led their ways into Europe during dark ages and are very famous for their hunting powers. Later their popularity has been increased across England where they are recognized for their racing and chasing games.

Greyhounds were the first breed to participate in the American dog shows and the breed was recognized in the year 1885 by American Kennel Club. Their first career as racing dogs begins at 1886 in the America. Today these breeds are famous in many states in racing games as many other breeds were sold, abandoned and euthanized if they don’t perform well on the tracks. Their lifetime is about 10-12 years for both male and female breeds. Many rescue groups are trying to take care of these breeds from being hunted.